Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics - How does the CourtMail system work?
Every week, the CourtMail system compiles a list of all new jailable traffic offenses filed in each Maryland courthouse. The case details are then organized and separated by district and violation. You select the specific combination of districts and violations you would like to receive, and the CourtMail system retrieves the results that match your selections. Simply merge these files with your letter template and within seconds, you are ready to put your letters in the mail and watch your business grow!

What violations and districts are available for selection?
There are over 140 traffic-related violations to choose from any district in Maryland, including DWI/DUI and DWSL/DWRL. A master list of violations is also available for your convenience.

Is the CourtMail system flexible?
Yes, you may make changes to your CourtMail account whenever you like. You may add or remove violations or change your selection of districts at any time. We can turn the account on and off to accommodate vacation schedules, variations in your workload, or any other issue that affects your need for records. There are no further obligations beyond the 2-week Free Trial. You may cancel your CourtMail service at anytime.

What kind of support is available for my direct mail program?
CourtMail representatives are available to assist you with every step of the process from creating your letter template to merging the files into the final product. CourtMail wants to protect your business and ensure the continued success of your direct mail marketing program.

How can I ensure that my program will be effective?
The 2 week free trial is the best indicator of how successful CourtMail can be for you. This period allows you to try different combinations of districts and violations to ensure efficient and effective results. Work with the program for 2 weeks without incurring charges!

What rules and regulations are in place for direct mail solicitation?
Attorneys will need to follow the guidelines of the Attorney’s Grievance Commission (AGC) governing direct mail marketing by lawyers. Go to AGC Requirements to review these requirements for communication. Make sure that "This is an advertisement" appears on the outside envelope AND at the beginning and ending of your letter template (Please refer to the sample letter). The AGC also requires attorneys to file a copy of their letter template along with their mailing list for each week’s records. A CourtMail representative will fulfill this requirement unless notified otherwise, however it is also recommended that you keep a copy of your letter template on file.